Presentation for Sitecore

Presentation for Sitecore’s Solution Architect group

April 13, 2017

Implicit was invited by Sitecore to do a technical presentation for the EMEA solution architects on how we have designed a solution for a large scale enterprise.

Lars Erhardsen presented a fully automated enterprise Sitecore Experience Platform deployment framework that allows for scripted installation and configuration of all Sitecore infrastructure instances, including SOLR and MongoDB. The framework makes it very easy to spin up a complete Sitecore infrastructure automatically.

Rune Alblas talked about the following topics:

  • Sitecore performance during constant publishing operations and how to configure caching optimally in such a scenario.
  • How to convert a Sitecore Web Forms solution to MVC with as little hazzle as possible.
  • Information and solution architecture considerations.
  • Flexible one-click components that allows to insert a collection of Sitecore components in one go to ease editor’s workflow.
Thanks to Sitecore for a great day!