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Award for best Scandinavian CMS implementation

March 14, 2017

At Implicit we are proud to be Sitecore Partner to Danske Bank and together achieve a Sitecore award for best content strategy in 2016 with last year’s new website. To us it is a Olympic gold medal we worship and can never thank enough the good people involved at Danske Bank, Sitecore and our dedicated team.

The Sitecore explanation of “Best Content Strategy”: The Best Content Strategy award winner showcases a digital content marketing strategy that transformed an organization’s website from company-centric to customer-centric. This year’s winner, Danske Bank, illustrated a persona-led content strategy, the research and planning processes that led to persona and content creation, and how content was delivered through relevant channels. Danske Bank demonstrated a significantly improved user experience built on personas and improved content, resulting in a large increase in number of customer leads, higher average time spent on site and increased customer satisfaction that proved the success of the content strategy.