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Danske Bank’s new website is LIVE

September 22, 2016

Danske Bank‘s new Sitecore 8 based homepage just went live after more than a year of preparation. It has a whole new customer focus and provides a personal experience to customers by taking advantage of Sitecore’s personalization features. Editors have a large suite of reusable building blocks available and several targeted Sitecore customizations help in their daily work.

Implicit has been with the project since its inception and worked closely with the responsible Danske Bank department. Implicit has delivered

  • Solution architecture
  • Sitecore development in the project
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Sitecore Search with Solr
  • Continous deployment
  • A variety of Sitecore customizations
  • Backend .Net integrations
  • Frontend adaptions

A big day for many Danske Bank employees and thousands of hourly users, and we are proud and honored to be part of this online solution.