We promote openness, collaboration and a flat hierarchy

About our company culture

In Implicit we do not believe in rigid processes, layers of management and control. Rather we promote openness, collaboration and a flat hierarchy.

Specifically we embody:


We encourage our people to say what they mean, even if its controversial. We embrace frequent 1-1 sessions. Management communicates whats going on.


We use Slack for company wide IM. We set aside time for coding camps. We throw parties and gather for non-work events.

Flat hierarchy

We believe in the power of the individual and self management. Our managers are coaches and not order givers. We do not believe in direct supervision.


Macbook Pro or DELL XPS? Windows or Mac? iPhone or Android? You decide, after all they are your working tools.

Working schedule/place

While we have excellent offices with very good coffee machines and soft drinks , we trust that you have a keen sense of judgement and plan your own schedule as long as it adheres to our core values.


What we look for in our employees

When we hire and promote people we do so on the basis of a set of explicit behaviours and skills that we highly value.

  • You focus on great results and not process or tools.
  • You are a strong performer that customers and colleges can rely upon.
  • You listen well to understand instead of reacting fast.
  • Your work has significant impact.
  • You identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms.
  • You have a keen sense of priority and smartly separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later.
  • You are concise in speech and writing.
  • You treat people with respect.
  • You learn rapidly and curiously expand your knowledge.
  • You act like a leader and don’t wait to be told what to do.
  • You ask for help when needed and take interest in others work and help them too.
  • You take intelligent risks to push boundaries even if you fail sometimes.
  • You tell it like it is and bring forward bad news so that it can be fixed fast.
  • You celebrate results.