Danske Bank

Award winning Sitecore experience platform implementation

Implicit has worked with Danske Bank since 2015 to help create their award winning new Sitecore website.

This project won the prize as the best Sitecore implementation for Content Management Strategy in Scandinavia. Transforming the organization’s website from company-centric to customer-centric.

Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark and a major retail bank in the northern European region with over 5 million retail customers. Danske Bank strategy is to provide the best customer experience in the Nordics. Danske Banks old homepages were designed from an inside out perspective, focusing on banking needs and providing product information.

The new site emphasizes the focus on customer needs – called Life Events. To deliver and ensure the best customer experience the new homepages have been developed using a Mobile First approach and uses the personalization features of Sitecore.

Implicit has worked closely with Danske Bank on-site since the inception. Implicit has helped deliver the Sitecore infrastructure, implementation, training and support.

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Implicit has helped Danske Bank unfold the Sitecore personalization engine to categorize customers and provide individual experiences. This way Danske Bank has dramatically increased their lead generation as well as increased the time spend on the site by visitors and customers.

By removing almost all manual configuration steps Implicit has helped ensure that all aspects of installing and configuring the Sitecore Experience Platform is fully automatic and security hardened. This includes all infrastructure components of the Sitecore experience platform: Content Management and Delivery servers, xDB (Mongo), SOLR, ExM, and SQL Server.